Paradise ISD

Math and Science Team

PJH Places Fourth at State Meet

On April 21, Paradise Junior High competed in the Math and Science State meet in San Antonio. The Paradise team finished fourth overall. Here are the individual results:

Number Sense

6th Grade
Tizo Luevanos – 7th
Briar Whitaker – 19th
Austin Iglesias – 27th
Barrick Hughes – 28th

7th Grade
Matthew Benson – 7th
Levi Waggoner – 13th
Nic Prindle – 14th
Dean Caddell – 25th
Harrison Oberg – 26th

8th Grade
Karen Escalera – 26th
Cade Pearson – 32nd


6th Grade
Tizo Luevanos – 8th
Briar Whitaker – 17th
Jimmy Loza – 24th

7th Grade
Matthew Benson – 2nd
Dean Caddell – 9th
Blain Warner – 16th
Nic Prindle – 19th
Levi Waggoner – 33rd

8th Grade
Cade Pearson – 16th
Karen Escalera – 24th


6th Grade
Briar Whitaker – 28th

7th Grade
Harrison Oberg – 21st
Levi Waggoner – 34th
Emma Dowling – 35th

8th Grade
Karen Escalera – 25th


6th Grade
Hunter Lawson – 2nd
Jimmy Loza – 3rd
Zech Sanders – 6th
Cole Goodman – 14th

7th Grade
Levi Waggoner – 19th

8th Grade
Julia Karg – 4th
Leslie Colbert – 7th
Cade Pearson – 29th

More Students Qualify for State

The JH Math Science Team traveled to Kirby Academy in Wichita Falls on Saturday, February 24 for a qualifier competition. These students qualified for state:

6th grade:
Tizo Luevanos – Mathematics
Briar Whitaker – Calculator

7th grade:
Matthew Benson – Number Sense
Harrison Oberg – Calculator
Nic Prindle – Mathematics

8th grade:
Leslie Colbert – Science
Julia Karg - Science

Students Qualify for State

The Junior High Math Science Team competed at Springtown Intermediate on Saturday, February 17. Students qualifying for the state competition in San Antonio are:

6th grade:
Cole Goodman – Science
Barrick Hughes – Number Sense
Austin Iglesias – Number Sense
Hunter Lawson – Science
Jimmy Loza – Mathematics, Science
Tizo Luevanos – Number Sense, Mathematics

7th grade:
Matthew Benson – Number Sense, Mathematics
Emma Dowling – Calculator
Harrison Oberg – Calculator
Nic Prindle – Number Sense
Levi Waggoner – Number Sense, Mathematics, Science
Blain Warner – Mathematics

8th grade:
Leslie Colbert - Science
Julia Karg – Science
Cade Pearson – Number Sense, Science

PJH Makes Good Showing at Springtown

The Paradise Junior High Math Science Team earned 2nd place Sweepstakes at Springtown on Saturday, December 2. Individual and team placings were:

Number Sense
– 2nd place team (Matthew Benson, Levi Waggoner, Nic Prindle, Levi Goodman)

8th grade
Levi Goodman – 4th
Karen Escalera – 10th
Cade Pearson – 11th (tie)
Carter Stainton – 11th (tie)

7th grade
Matthew Benson – 6th
Levi Waggoner – 8th
Nic Prindle – 9th
Dean Caddell – 10th

6th grade
Tizo Luevanos – 7th
Barrick Hughes – 18th
Jimmy Loza – 19th
Halee Bacon – 23rd

3rd place team (Matthew Benson, Harrison Oberg, Cade Pearson, Karen Escalera)

8th grade
Cade Pearson -5th
Karen Escalera – 6th
Carter Stainton – 8th

7th grade
Matthew Benson – 5th
Harrison Oberg – 6th
Calvin Gage – 7th
Emma Dowling – 9th

6th grade
Briar Whitaker – 16th
Tucker Sanders – 20th
Cole Goodman – 28th
Barrick Hughes – 31st

Mathematics –
2nd place team (Dean Caddell, Carter Stainton, Matthew Benson, Levi Goodman)

8th grade
Carter Stainton – 5th
Levi Goodman – 6th
Cade Pearson – 7th
Karen Escalera – 9th

7th grade
Dean Caddell – 6th
Matthew Benson – 7th
Blain Warner – 9th
Nic Prindle – 10th
Levi Waggoner – 12th
Carlos Perez – 14th
Samantha Whitaker – 23rd
Harrison Oberg – 25th
Brissa Fernandez – 27th

6th grade
Austin Mathison – 11th
Tizo Luevanos – 17th
Hunter Lawson – 21st
Katelyn Putman – 22nd
Mary Cook – 23rd
Jimmy Loza – 25th
Austin Iglesias – 28th (tie)
Blaine Watson – 28th (tie)
Alaina Buckner – 30th
Faith Henley – 39th

Science –
4th place team (Leslie Colbert, Julia Karg, Carter Stainton, Jacie Pennington)

8th grade
Leslie Colbert – 7th
Julia Karg – 11th
Carter Stainton – 13th
Cade Pearson – 14th
Abby Schaefer – 18th

7th grade
Jacie Pennington – 12th
Dean Caddell – 17th
Calvin Gage – 18th
Levi Waggoner – 19th
Samantha Whitaker – 20th
Matthew Benson – 22nd
Blain Warner – 24th
Chase McDowell – 27th
Merrick Harvey – 33rd

6th grade Jimmy Loza - 7th
Austin Mathison – 9th
Hunter Lawson – 10th
Cole Goodman – 13th
Katelyn Putman – 14th
Zec Sanders – 20th
Halee Bacon – 22nd
Tizo Luevanos – 23rd
Fabian Ortiz – 24th
Tucker Sanders – 26th
Faith Henley – 32nd
Collin Burross – 35th