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UIL Academic Team Does Well at Burkburnett

On February 10, a group of PHS students competed at the Burkburnett UIL Invitational meet. Paradise brought home 36 individual awards, four 1st place team awards and four 2nd place team awards. Here are the results:

Number Sense - 1st Place Team (small school)
Logan Waggoner (12) - 1st Place
Siclaly Delgadillo (12) - 3rd Place
Tryston Webb (12) - 6th Place

Calculator Applications - 1st Place Team (small school)
Heather Karg (11) - 1st Place
Hailey Holt (9) - 3rd Place
Riley Penny (10) - 4th Place

Computer Applications
Tryston Webb (12) - 1st Place

Current Issues and Events- 2nd Place Team (small school)
Tres Pennington (9) - 4th Place
Krista Richey (9) - 6th place

Feature Writing
Hadleigh Anthony (11) - 1st Place
Laura Livesay (9) - 3rd Place
Krista Richey (9) - 4th Place
Mia Caddell (9) - 6th Place

Accounting - 2nd Place Team (overall)
Heather Karg (11) - 6th Place

News Writing
Lucy Ruiz (9) - 3rd Place
Hadleigh Anthony (11) - 4th Place

Science - 2nd Place Team (small school)
Brodie Paschall (12) - 2nd Place
Megan Aldape (10) - 4th Place

Computer Science
Tryston Webb (12) - 5th place

Editorial Writing
Lucy Ruiz (9) - 2nd Place
Emersen Adams (11) - 4th Place
Laura Livesay (9) - 5th Place
Hailey Holt (9) - 6th Place

Mathematics - 1st Place Team (small school)
Logan Waggoner (12) - 1st Place
Tryston Webb (12) - 2nd Place
Siclaly Delgadillo (12) - 3rd Place
Megan Prindle (10) - 4th Place
Austin Stephens (9) - 5th Place
Katie Davis (10) - 6th Place

Social Studies - 2nd Place Team (small school)
Nash Ingram (11) - 5th Place
Tres Pennington (9) - 6th Place

Headline Writing
Emersen Adams (11) - 3rd Place
Krista Richey (9) - 4th Place

Copy Editing
Mia Caddell (9) - 6th Place

Persuasive Speaking
Seth Rodriguez (12) - 4th Place

Poetry Interpretation
Lynsey Medlin (10) - 5th Place

Our fourth 1st Place Team Award goes to our Journalism team. Their combined awards earned them this award - they had 13 individual awards overall!

Paradise Hosts Invitational Meet

On November 11, we saw a packed cafeteria as 8 schools sent students from 2A to 6A in enrollment to compete at our fall invitational. It was a busy, productive day. Our students had a lot of competition, but as usual represented our school well.

These are our results (1st through 6th place individual, 1st/2nd place team if applicable):

Accounting (1st Place Team)
Heather Karg - 1st place
Matthew Eisen - 3rd place
Siclaly Delgadillo - 4th place
Rose Powers - 6th place

Computer Applications
Jenna Huitt - 3rd place
Tryston Webb - 5th place

Editorial Writing
Emersen Adams - 5th place

Feature Writing
Hadleigh Anthony - 2nd place

Headline Writing
Grant Caddell - 3rd place

Literary Criticism (1st Place Team)
Alondra Loza - 1st place
Megan Prindle - 4th place
David Benson - 6th place

Logan Waggoner - 5th place

News Writing
Hadleigh Anthony - 2nd place

Number Sense
Logan Waggoner - 3rd place

Social Studies (2nd Place Team)
Nash Ingram - 4th place
Blake Cummings - 6th place

Spelling and Vocabulary
Megan Prindle - 6th place

Students Travel to Lubbock for Camp

In July, a group of PHS students traveled to Texas Tech University for a Speech/Debate camp. Thanks to Mrs. O'Rear for the photo.

PHS Holds UIL Academic Workshop

On June 24, PHS graduates Faith Blankenship and Avery Caddell led a three-hour workshop for incoming freshmen who had expressed interest in joining the UIL academic team. Thanks to Mrs. Bohmfalk for the photos.

District 8-3A (Region 1) Teams for 2017 and 2018

  • Bowie
  • Boyd
  • Henrietta
  • Holliday
  • Jacksboro
  • Nocona
  • Paradise
  • City View