Paradise Intermediate School

Paradise Intermediate School

April Newsletter is Posted

Paradise Intermediate School posts a monthly newsletter that is full of information about this busy campus. See the April edition here.

Fourth Graders Study the Food Chain

Students in Mrs. Craig's fourth grade science classes spent some time in April studying various aspects of the food chain. Students were given the task of discovering their answers in various places around the classroom and in the hallway.

Decatur Rotary Club Donates Dictionaries

On March 23, the Decatur Rotary Club donated 60 new dictionaries and thesauruses for our Intermediate students. Paradise Intermediate is grateful for this generous donation for our students.

Science Classes Study Rocks

On February 20, the fifth grade science class visited the lab and conducted a study of rocks. Photo gallery.

PISD Makes Contribution to Live Thankfully

In December, the students, parents, and staff at Paradise ISD helped with the county-wide "Live Thankfully" campaign. All four campuses donated 5200 food items. We will be helping 32 families in Paradise through Live Thankfully. Photo gallery.

Paradise Wins UIL Academic Meet

JACKSBORO-On December 1, students from Paradise Intermediate School competed in the District UIL Academic Meet, and our students won quite a few events and placed highly in many others. Results for grades 2-5 are here.

Fifth Graders Use Puzzles to Learn Science

In Mrs. Mauk's fifth grade science classes, students used various types of puzzles to reinforce the concept being studied. These students explained that they were learning about different types of light.

Robotics Club Members Named

Here are the 2017-2018 Robotics Club Members:

After School Club

Bailey, Breelyn
Beal, Evan
Davis, Cierra
Moore, Allie
Moss, Karis
O'Dell, Lucas
Stockton, Lucas
Swindell, Nate
Valdez, Isabelle
Villalobos, Kike
Yant, Tate
Barnhart, Riley
Foster, Isabella
Gentry, Madison
Maes, Cody
Perez, Jay
Pointon, Dominic
Pollard, Lacy
Rogers, Rylee
Sosa, Fernanda
Tierce, Trapper
Tucker, William
White, Noah
Woodard, Cooper
During School Club

Baird, Brayden
Brown, Maddy
Bucklew, Colby
Dagley, Hayden
Diffee, Ray
Elledge, Janey
Fletcher, Addison
Gage, Drew
Goodman, Jax
Goodman, Macy
Jones, Berkley
Mara, Carter
Mathison, Payton
Meyers, Cooper
Piper, Jenna
Smith, Bailey
Sobieraj, Gage
Throckmorton, Rowdy
Walker, Colton
Warner, Brooklynn
Cox, Ali
DeBono, Kora
Harrel, Jakoby
Ingram, Kimber
Johnson, Vada
Oberg, Henry
Pease, Audrey
Pennington, Garrett
Reynolds, Jaelyn
Stone, Mandy Lynn
Sutton, Physhire
Tucker, Payton
Yates, Gazey

Intermediate Students Begin School Year

On August 17, Paradise Intermediate School began the new school year. We have photos of the fun here.

Student Council Enjoys Summer Workshop

Before school started in August, the Paradise Intermediate Student Council met in Ms. Moore's room for the annual summer workshop. The purpose of the workshop was to prepare the group for the upcoming school year.

Student Council Elections Held

Paradise Intermediate School held Student Council elections on May 23. The following students will be representing our school during the 2017-2018 school year:

5th Graders

Vada Johnson
Lillian Lowery
Lacy Pollard
Rylee Rogers
Chase Thompson
Brock Worley
4th Graders

Cierra Davis
Drew Gage
Cash Gibson
Max Jordan
Carter Mara
Hallie Nelson