Paradise High School Student Council

Paradise High School Student Council

It's Homecoming Week!

Class themes for floats and hallways

Seniors - 70s
Juniors - 50s
Sophomores - 80s
Freshmen - 20s

Dress up themes that week

Monday - 20s
Tuesday - 80s
Wednesday - 50s
Thursday - 70s
Friday - Panther Spirit

President - Danae Meadows
Vice President - Kennedy Schneck
Secretary - Reighlee Carbajal
Reporter - Clayton Smith
Treasurer - Krista Richey
Public Relations - Parker Burross

Senior Representatives
Aubrey Pearson
Grant Caddell
Kendall Candioto

Junior Representatives
Riley Penny
Harley Mayfield
Avery Bill

Sophomore Representatives
Tres Pennington
Mia Caddell
Hailey Holt
Keifer Cornell