Paradise High School Student Council

Paradise High School Student Council

New Student Council Elected

On May 1, PHS elected a new slate of officers and representatives for the 2019-2020 school year:

President - Tres Pennington
Vice President - Kennedy Schneck
Secretary - Danae Meadows
Treasurer - Mia Caddell
Reporter - Krista Richey
Public Relations - Reighlee Carbajal

Senior Representatives
Harley Mayfield
Riley Penny
Allyson Black
Matthew Eisen

Junior Representatives
Keifer Cornell
Caitlin Dooley
Parker Burross
Clayton Smith

Sophomore Representatives
Callie Davis
Dustin Meadows
Kyler Kelsey
Levi Goodman
Cade Pearson

Freshmen Representatives
Jacie Pennington
Elizabeth Eisen
Marenda Pollard
Shelby Oyster