Paradise ISD

Board Seeks Community Involvement for Superintendent Process

The Paradise Independent School District (ISD) Board of Trustees has requested that school personnel and the public be involved in developing qualifications and characteristics of the person the Board should seek to become the new superintendent. You are encouraged to complete the online questionnaire to provide your feedback.

Paradise ISD Board of Trustees

Our primary mission at Paradise I.S.D. is to find ways of enhancing each child's learning opportunities.

The development of intrinsic motivation and the mastery of basic skills in the subject area is a primary consideration for the administration and teachers.

We believe that all children can be academically successful in school given appropriate instruction and sufficient time. Our board members are:

Homer Mundy-President

Kevin Howerton-Vice President

Rusty Ford-Secretary

Shannon Caddell-Board Member

Ben Sanders-Board Member

Kendall Williams-Board Member

Jody Yates-Board Member

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