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Traffic Flow Changes Revealed

Paradise ISD has implemented changes to the flow of traffic around the four campuses when dropping off or picking up students. See videos detailing each campus here:

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2018 Accountability Ratings

Campus and District Improvement Plans

Federal Report Card for Texas Schools

Paradise Annual Report

State Report Card from the Texas Education Agency

2017-18 Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR)


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Board Meeting Agendas, past and present

Board Policies

Career/Technical Information Non-Discrimination Clause English | (Spanish)

Dual Credit Partnership Agreements: TWU | Weatherford College

District of Innovation Plan

Parent Engagement Program

Proclamation 2019 from the State Board of Education about the adoption of textbook materials in November.

Public Comments on Proposed Rulemaking:
Proposed Commissioner of Education Rules
Proposed SBOC Rules
Proposed SBEC Rules

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Student Transfer Policy

Texas Curriculum Management Program Cooperative (for parents)

Texas Transition and Employment Guide English | Spanish

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McKinney-Vento Act Brochure (Homeless Education)

Student Insurance-Texas Kids First

Mission Statement, Goals, and Objectives

Paradise ISD is committed to providing a superior education where “ALL” students learn and achieve success through rigorous curriculums and supportive learning environments with opportunities for each student to develop the skills and knowledge to become a responsible, successful citizen.


The vision of Paradise ISD is to provide a climate that encourages, empowers, challenges and prepares student by providing effective academic rigor for excellence in every classroom, every day.