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Canvas Management Learning System

1. If you already have a profile with Region 11, skip this step. Otherwise, click here.

2. Go to the Region 11 website to register for the course.

3. Click Professional Learning.

4. Mouse over the Browse Catalog link and make a selection. Selecting by Subject is one good way to get where you want to go.

5. Select Statutory Training.

6. Once you find the course you want, register for it. You should receive an email confirming your course.

7. Next, you'll need to go to the Canvas Learning Management System page to take the course. Use your email address and the password you used with the Region 11 login. It usually takes about four hours for the course to show up.

8. Once you log in to Canvas, click on the courses tab to see your course.

Hint: If your password doesn't work in Canvas, select "Forgot Your Password" and then change your password to the same one you used for Region 11.

In order to access the following links, you must be using a computer inside the district:

Discipline referral

Exam creator

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Textbook List

Student Information

Online Purchase Orders

Online Professional Development

Online Campus Surveys

Time Clock Program

Time Clock Administrator