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Girls All-State CC Teams Named

The Texas Girls Coaches Association has named their All-State Cross Country teams and these Paradise girls are on the list:

All-State: Kaycee Martin, Maddie Mitschke, and Hannah Beth Pearson.

Academic All-State: Hannah Beth Pearson and Rose Powers.

Eisen Named to All-Region Team

PHS Cross Country standout Matthew Eisen has been named to the Cross Country Coaches Association of Texas All-Region team for 2017. See the entire list here.

Eisen Runs at State

ROUND ROCK-On November 4, PHS sophomore Matthew Eisen competed in the State Cross Country meet. He finished 39th out of 150 runners and ran the course in 17:10, a personal best. Complete results.

Eisen Qualifies for State

LUBBOCK-PHS Sophomore Matthew Eisen qualified for the State Cross Country meet on October 23. He finished 12th at the Regional meet to earn this honor. The State meet will be held on November 4 in Round Rock. Meet information.

Paradise was honored to have boys and girls competing at this meet. The boys team finished 9th and the girls were 10th.

Varsity Girls-Tenth place team

Kaycee Martin - 17th
Hannah Beth Pearson - 18th
Maddie Mitschke - 24th
Jana Messenger - 77th
Emersen Adams - 130th
Christy Sinclair - 138th
Rose Powers - 162nd

Varsity Boys-Ninth place team

Matthew Eisen - 12th
Kobe Wakefield - 40th
Justin Culp - 46th
Jacoby Isaacs - 115th
Cordell Scarlett - 126th
Ryan Austin - 136th
Masun Luna - 148th

Overall meet results

Boys and Girls Advance to Regionals

On October 12, the PHS Cross Country teams ran at the District meet in Boyd. Both teams finished second and advanced to the Regional meet. On the girls side, Kaycee Martin finished second, Hannah Beth Pearson was fourth, and Maddie Mitschke was seventh. For the boys, Matthew Eisen finished third and Kobe Wakefield was tenth.

The Regional meet will be held in Lubbock on Monday, October 23. Meet information.

Panthers are Successful at Grand Prairie

On September 28, PHS ran in a meet at Lynn Creek Park in Grand Prairie. The girls team finished sixth overall and the boys were tenth. Individual results:

Varsity Girls-Sixth place team

Maddie Mitschke - 10th
Kaycee Martin - 13th
Hannah Beth Pearson - 14th
Emersen Adams - 76th
Rose Powers - 79th
Ciera Brock - 83rd
Christy Sinclair - 85th
Kendall Candioto - 102nd

Varsity Boys-Tenth place team

Matthew Eisen - 12th
Jacoby Isaacs - 34th
Kobe Wakefield - 51st
Justing Kulp - 90th
Cordell Scarlett - 106th
Masun Luna - 124th
Ryan Austin - 130th
Timothy Hutton - 172nd

JV Girls

Mercedes Carrillo - 83rd
Ashley Kosman - 95th

Overall meet results

Panthers Make Mark at Haltom City

On September 21, PHS ran in the Metroplex Challenge Invitational in Haltom City. The girls team finished second and the boys were third. Here are the individual results:

Varsity Girls-Second place team

Maddie Mitschke - 2nd
Hannah Beth Pearson - 5th
Kaycee Martin - 6th
Emersen Adams - 22nd
Ciera Brock - 30th
Allyson Black - 31st
Christy Sinclair - 33rd
Christina Tipton - 43rd
Mercedes Carrillo - 51st
Ashley Kosman - 57th

Varsity Boys-Third place team

Matthew Eisen - 8th
Kobe Wakefield - 13th
Jacoby Isaacs - 15th
Justin Culp - 21st
Ryan Austin - 31st
Cordell Scarlett - 34th
Masun Luna - 41st

Cross Country Teams Run at Cleburne

On September 15, the Varsity Girls and Boys teams ran in the Cleburne Invitational. The boys team finished third and the girls were fifth. Here are the individual results:

Varsity Girls-Fifth place team

Kaycee Martin - 5th
Hannah Beth Pearson - 6th
Maddie Mitschke - 9th
Emersen Adams - 43rd
Allyson Black - 44th
Rose Powers - 55th
Ciera Brock - 64th
Kendall Candioto - 69th
Mercedes Carrillo - 83rd

Varsity Boys-Third place team

Matthew Eisen - 3rd
Kobe Wakefield - 13th
Jacoby Issacs - 19th
Justin Culp - 30th
Ryan Austin - 40th
Cordell Scarlett - 42nd
Masun Luna - 69th
Timothy Hutton - 79th

Overall meet results

Panthers Do Well at Boyd

On September 2, the Cross Country teams ran at the Yellowjacket Relays in Boyd. The girls team finished second overall and the boys were fifth. Here are the individual results:

Varsity Girls-Second Place Team

Hannah Beth Pearson - 4th
Maddie Mitschke - 7th
Kaycee Martin - 12th
Allyson Black - 19th
Emerson Adams - 40th
Rose Powers - 44th
Christy Sinclair - 62nd
Kendall Candioto - 70th

Varsity Boys-Fifth Place Team

Matthew Eisen - 13th
Jacoby Isaacs - 20th
Kobe Wakefield - 26th
Justin Culp - 38th
Masun Luna - 76th
Cordell Scarlett-85th
Blaine Gibson - 87th

JV Girls

Ciera Brock - 5th
Christina Tipton - 16th
Mercedes Carrillo - 36th

JV Boys

Tres Pennington - 60th

Overall meet results

Panthers Begin Season at Haltom

On August 25, the PHS Cross Country teams ran in the Cowtown Challenge at Haltom City. The girls team finished fourth and the boys were eighth. Here is a summary of how our runners finished:

Varsity Girls (fourth place team)

Maddie Mitschke - 11th
Hannah Beth Pearson - 15th
Kaycee Martin - 19th
Allyson Black - 31th
Rose Powers - 54th
Emerson Adams - 57th
Christy Sinclair - 60th
Kendall Candioto - 70th

Varsity Boys-8th Place Team

Matthew Eisen - 13th
Kobe Wakefield - 32nd
Justin Culp - 40th
Jacoby Isaacs - 53rd
Blaine Gibson - 93rd
Ryan Austin - 95th
Masun Luna - 108th

JV Girls

Ciera Brock - 48th
Christina Tipton - 60th
Ashley Kosman - 95th
Mercedes Carrillo - 101th

JV Boys

Tim Hutton - 140th
Tres Pennington - 145th

Overall meet results

Photos of the Varsity Girls and JV Girls are on our photo gallery page.

2018-2019 Alignment

Here are the schools in district 7-3A, which is in Region 1:


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